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Trauma / Phobia Healing

A painful experience, which might occur to oneself or to another person, can result in trauma. This experience causes unpleasant feelings that resurface every time you recall it.

Phobias are brought on by a thought or reflex response that always brings on a specific set of feelings each time you come into contact with the phobia's trigger.

The purpose of a trauma/phobia healing service is to erase the link between memory recall, cognition, or reaction and the emotion that manifests as the result.

If the erasure is successful, the emotion will no longer be manifested.

This service cannot be utilized on a trial basis because it would be unethical to reinstate a trauma or phobia that has already been removed.

If you feel that the service is effective, you only need to pay IDR 1,000,000 for each phobia or trauma you wish to get rid of, and there is a 1-year repeat guarantee if there are still some traces of the trauma or phobia that haven't entirely vanished.

If you feel that the service is not effective, you don't need to pay.

Irwan Effendi