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Have you ever realized that one of the determining factors of your productivity is your speed of movement?

Consider that on average, you can complete 5 tasks in 1 month, then if your speed of movement increases by just 20 percent, you will be able to complete 6 tasks in 1 month.

This means that if your performance or revenue depends on your output, an increase in your speed of movement will result in a proportionate increase in your performance or revenue.

Have you been taking too many medications or been injected with drugs? Have you been inhaling too much vehicle smoke and other chemicals that make your body always feel uncomfortable and unhealthy?

You may be experiencing symptoms of over-contamination of inorganic chemical residues, which is a condition where there are too many chemicals that should not be present in your body, piling up because they cannot be naturally excreted by your body's metabolism system.

Do you often feel angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed, or other emotions just because of small problems that should be ignored?

Excessive reactions are caused by too many emotional stimulus receptors throughout the body, so when something can trigger an emotional reaction, whether it be internal thoughts or external words from others, the input sent to the brain is multiplied from what it should be.

Sometimes there is a location where the atmosphere is not comfortable, causing people who are there to become quickly tired, easily emotional, hallucinating, paranoid, and so on.

One example of this phenomenon is often referred to as a "haunted place," which triggers people who even just pass by near the place to experience various strange feelings, even to the point of illness.

Having a large family or employing many employees can be very tiring when their relationships are not harmonious.

Everyone has their own desires and expectations and when the desires and expectations of two or more people are in conflict, there will be competition and competition can develop into a dispute.

Furthermore, disputes usually cause the parties to strive to gather support, resulting in the formation of blocks which ultimately cause internal division.