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If you want to improve your health, skill, quality of life, and spiritual development in a natural way, then you have found the right place.

Bioenergy Solution Center (BioSCent) is a company that offers various Bioenergy based solution, which is the result of scientifically based research, done independently by our founder, Irwan Effendi

You do not know about Bioenergy? Please read the short explanation below.

What is Bioenergy?

Bio = related to life. Therefore Bioenergy is the energy that is produced and/or used directly by living organisms.

Human has a physical body, which is able to function only because there are programs regulating the function of each organ, even down to each cell. Those programs are all made of Bioenergy. 

Physically, Bioenergy is transmitted in the form of waves and is part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, so a minor part of the Bioenergy can be detected as magnetic current or electric current.

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What do you want/wish for today?

Anti aging / aging reversal service

Do you want to stay young or become young again? Now with the service Just Young version 3.0, you can remain physically in your 20s until your real age is 40s, or return your physical condition up to 18 years younger than your actual years.

Common Illness Solution

For those who often suffer from flu, inflammation, and other diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, the service Anti Mikroba is useful for both prevention and cure.

High uric acid, cholesterol, triglyceride, and insomnia are among the most common health issues experienced by modern people. Now you no longer need to worry about them with the service Just Healthy.

Not all common illnesses are physical in nature, therefore we also have Trauma / Phobia Healing services. 

A lot of dark spots on your face due to frequent exposure to sunlight? The solution for this is the service Facial Spots Reduction.

If your bone marrow experience distortion in quality, the quality of blood produced will also have problems. Bad blood quality will also cause many things such as blemished skin, itching without an obvious cause, non-genetical allergy, and various other issues. These problems can be alleviated with the service Bone Marrow Cleansing.

Are you an active or passive smoker that often experiences breath shortness? One of the ingredients of cigarette smoke that has the most negative effect on your lungs is nicotine. With the service Nicotine Neutralizer, the negative effect of smoke on your lungs will be significantly reduced, as the matter of fact your lungs will become cleaner than before even if you decided to still continue smoking. This service can also help you if you wish to quit smoking.

Bioenergy training

Do you wish to become a healer by training and utilizing the Bioenergy in your body? We provide training from the beginner level to the specialist level.