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About Bioenergy Solution Center

Bioenergy Solution Center was founded in January 2016 as a container to socialize and market the results of research done by our Founder,  Irwan Effendi.

The abbreviation of our name is BioSCent, which can be translated as The Scent of Life. 

Vision: A human race that is more advanced, more efficient, not dependent on external technology, and more environmental friendly.

Mission: socialization of the utilization of Bioenergy as the primary solution in improving human health and quality of life.

Slogan: we charge for a solution, not for efforts.

Our business principles:

  • every service that we offer has a free trial, or if it is not possible to have a trial, you pay only if you feel that the service is clearly beneficial for you.
  • for services that are important to support your health or your life, if you cannot afford to pay for them then you do not need to pay.
  • outside of special events, all of our paid services can be paid in installments, the length of installments is up to you, and we will not send invoices to remind you, therefore it is your own responsibility to remember to pay the installments.

Our Team

Irwan Effendi - Founder

irwan effendi

Born in 1973 and experienced many unusual events since the age of 10, Irwan finally started a deep study and research on Bioenergy in 2007.

After achieving a significant advancement in the evolution of  Kundalini in 2014, Irwan finally become the only human that managed to evolve his Kundalini to the end of phase 32 with his own efforts.

In the year of 2016, with the success of some of his research topics, he decided to create a business name to be able to socialize his research results more efficiently. 

Irwan has published dozens of books in ebook format, some of them for free. Those ebooks can be obtained through various online bookstores or through us at 


Esty Mulatsasi (Jeng Pephy) - Public Relations

esty mulatsasi

Joined in 2017, Esty first joined the training to become a therapist of Bioenergy based Chiropractic / Orthopedic.

After some time, Esty realized that even though she really likes the business in the field of Bioenergy because she can help a lot of people, physically she has some limitations that make it difficult for her to do therapy on many people every day.

When Irwan held a recruitment program to look for a business partner, she joined and passed the tryout period.

After various adjustments, it is agreed that the best position for her is  Public Relations. 


Angga Ariesta - Creative Design

angga ariesta

Joined in 2022, Angga was a student and also one of our regular clients. 

After joining our cooperation program as our agent, Angga displays his seriousness in consistently offering our newest services and therefore we invited him to join as a team member.

Currently, Angga's official post is Creative Design.