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Anti Energy Barrier

Do you frequently have health issues, but the source remains a mystery despite multiple tests?

Or do you feel that you are experiencing an energy attack?

Or maybe your place of business, which used to be quite good, suddenly went downhill even though there was no incident that could cause that change?

You, your place of work, and your home can be shielded from numerous energy-based kinds of interference with the use of an anti-energy barrier.

What we do is program a void to enclose you/your place so that invisible energy cannot pass through.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once for 7 days.

The total service charge for one person is IDR 1,000,000, IDR 1,000,000 for every 100 square meters of residential buildings, and IDR 4,000,000 for every 100 square meters of commercial space. Guaranteed re-setup for 2 years.

This service is not suitable for energy-based therapists because it will hassle you to perform the opening and closing routine each time you want to do therapy on other people. Personal Energy Deflector service is more suitable for you.

Irwan Effendi