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Just Young Version 3.0

To die young is the desire of almost every human. Of course, it does not mean to die at a young age, instead, it means to die with a young physical condition despite of very advanced age.

People from all over the world have made numerous attempts from the beginning of time to find ways to stay young, but nobody has been successful up to this point since everyone has been looking for ways to stay young from external sources.

Following the investigation into the human body's core processes, BioSCent has discovered the solution.

Medically, it is known that the human body's metabolism follows a rhythm known as the circadian rhythm, whose control is in the hypothalamus.

We have done further research and discovered that there is a timekeeping program that we call Biochronometer, whose function is to record how much time has passed since birth and how long the maximum age is set for.

By manipulating the information in the Biochronometer and various Circadian Rhythm checkpoints, the body will think that the age should be lower and will make an effort to compensate for it by repairing existing cells.

Additionally, a service we call "Speed Up" is performed to hasten this repair process so that the final results can be attained in a lot less time. This service involves flooding the body's cells with bioenergy to hasten the repair process so that within 4 x 24 hours after Speed Up therapy, existing body cells will go through a repair process equivalent to at least 2 months, and optimally equivalent to 8 months.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once with a monitoring period of 7 days. The services provided during the trial are manipulation of the Biochronometer and a one-time Speed Up.

 Full Service consists of:

  • Manipulation of the biochronometer and all Circadian Rhythm checkpoints
  • Reconstruction of blood vessels throughout the body to reduce/remove existing plagues
  • Repair of meridian lines
  • Sweep cholesterol and uric acid
  • 10 times Speed ​​Up therapy to speed up the rejuvenation process, 4 days intervals.

The expected outcome of Full Service today is a minimum of 3 years younger and a maximum of 5 years younger.

The following is the cost of this service for residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Indochina:

Full Service USD 900 for ages 54 and under and USD 300 for ages 55 and over.

The cost for 1 extra Speed Up is USD 25 and for a 4-time Speed Up package USD 60 (multiples apply)

Complete Premium Service includes full service plus 40 times Speed ​​Up. With a total of 50 Speed Ups to get maximum results as quickly as possible (total time of 200 days or about 7 months): USD 1500 for ages 54 and under and USD 450 for ages 55 and over.

For the rest of the world, the prices are:
Full service USD 2000 for ages 54 and under, and USD 700 for ages 55 and over.

USD 50 for 1 extra speed-up and USD 120 for a package of 4 Speed Up.

USD 4500 for Complete Premium Service ages 54 and under and USD 1500 for ages 55 and over.

The outcome that can be anticipated from the existing full premium service is a minimum of 10 years younger and a maximum of 18 years younger.

Irwan Effendi