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Facial Spots Reduction

The sun's ultraviolet rays and other sources of ultraviolet radiation can cause an uneven, excessive melanin synthesis. Age-related increases in this production lead to the development of dark spots on the skin, which can be unsightly, especially if they appear on the face.


In order to remove melanin from your skin layers through your skin pores, we use bioenergy as part of our therapy procedure for Facial Spot Reduction.


The spots normally become more clearly visible after the initial therapy session, however after washing your face, you'll notice that the spot area shrinks and the spots appear shallower.


Usually, after 3 or 4 sessions of therapy, the small spots (which are smaller than green beans) will disappear and the large ones will shrink.


Because the skin glands are typically still actively manufacturing melanin in the regions of large spots, we haven't been able to completely eliminate all of the spots with this therapy up to this point. This is because melanin synthesis will grow with each exposure to ultraviolet light.


Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once.


The cost of this therapy service is IDR 100,000 per one therapy.

Irwan Effendi