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Charming Voice

Have you ever heard a voice that you found to be charismatic? If so, it can be ascertained that you heard it live rather than through a broadcast or recording.

The charisma effect will be lost if the same person's voice is recorded or broadcast, even though it may still sound authoritative.

This is something that all experienced businessmen and politicians are aware of, which is why, even though using communication technology makes it much easier to do so, businesspeople will meet potential clients or investors face-to-face to close big transactions. Without charisma, the impact would not be the same.

Why is that so? Because charm is found in the Bioenergy that accompanies the sound, not the sound itself. The radiated bioenergy that is released into the air is a combination of the speaker's fervor, conviction, bravery, and hope.

The Charming Voice service is an installation service for the Bioenergi program that automatically enhances the impacts of excitement, confidence, courage, and optimism that radiate from the person who is installed with it.

In other words, if you genuinely have an accumulated spirit of confidence, courage, and hope at the level of 70% about the success of a plan that you express, then the Bioenergy that you emit with Charming Voice will be the same as if the accumulation you had was at the level of 100%.

As a result, there will be a significantly higher likelihood that those who hear what you are saying would believe you are correct and accept it without much argument.

This service is very useful if you regularly need to persuade others of something even when you don't truly believe that it is 100% accurate.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once for 3 days.

For residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Indochina, this service will cost IDR 300,000 per month or IDR 8,888,000 for permanent installation.

For permanent installation, once installed, you must use it (talk to persuade others at least 1 hour a day) for 16 days (not necessarily consecutively) within 28 days from the time of installation, to ensure that your body integrates the whole program properly.

Irwan Effendi