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Auto Focus

Focus is a state in which our mind is centered on a certain activity without causing us to lose our alertness.

People who have a hard time focusing will have a hard time studying or doing things they don't like, even if they know for a fact that it is important to them.

Installing the Bioenergy program will enable the auto-focus feature, which will cause your mind to automatically focus on the task that you intend to do.

This installed program will automatically cause your mind to avoid any distractions and return your attention to what you are doing if there are any that could normally take it elsewhere.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once for a period of 3 days.

The cost of this service for residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Indochina is IDR 2,000,000 for permanent installation.

After installation, you must use this service for at least 1 hour every day for at least 15 days straight (doing or studying only one thing for at least 1 hour) in order for your brain to accept it as a normal component of your neurons.

Irwan Effendi