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Aura Enchantment

Humans use makeup to enhance their physical appearance and have a positive impression on both themselves and other people.

Though not the sole factor that determines whether or not an impression is made, physical appearance certainly helps.

Even if a person wears the nicest makeup, a dismal look and depressing vibe will still leave a negative impression.

 In essence, aura enchanting services are energy makeup that enhances radiant energy.

 A portion of Aura Enchantment's effects will stay on the user, in contrast to physical makeup, whose effects totally vanish as soon as the makeup is removed.

For instance, even after the energy of the aura enchantment has worn off, a person who uses it with the "Elegant" effect will still be a little more elegant than they were before.

How is that possible? Because during this procedure, the Bioenergy deposit is placed in the center of your consciousness, which radiates outward through your consciousness and eventually becomes a part of your aura.

Your consciousness will change and start to follow some of the programmed Bioenergy after a few days have passed.

If successful, the effect will last for an optimum time of 1 month and up to 2 months. So far,  most of our clients have only used this service 4 or 5 times and after that, they no longer feel the need to do so because their natural appearance already emanates the same aura as when the enchantment is done.

Aura enchantment uses 60 layers of Bioenergy deposits, which filled nearly 95% of the full capacity of a typical human being. These deposits can have three different kinds of effects (one effect requires a minimum of 20 layers).

Selectable effects:

  • Smart
  • Friendly
  • Cute
  • Sensual
  • Elegant
  • Confident
  • Ferocious (cannot be combined with cute and friendly)
  • Holy (cannot be combined with other effects)

For this service, the trial provided is limited to checking the results through a comparison of before-and-after photos. If the outcome is deemed unsatisfactory, you can either ask for a repeat or cancel the service. If you are satisfied, a payment of Rp. 300.000,- is required for those residing in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Indochina.

Irwan Effendi