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Anti Microbe

Antibodies and static bioelectricity are the two main mechanisms used by the human body to defend itself against microorganisms.

Researchers and the medical community rarely address static bioelectricity as a component of the immune system because, under normal circumstances, the degree of static electricity produced in the human body is insufficient to block the entry of many bacteria into the body.

Only when a person experiences a state of torpidity (also known as an "out of body experience," or "OoBE") does the body's production of static electricity increase, and as the incident is repeated, this increase becomes more pronounced until the body's static electricity can eventually kill the majority of microorganisms even before they enter the body.

The Bioelectric Static Booster (BBS) is a technology developed by BioSCent to augment the production of static electricity in other people's bodies.

This service has 2 types:

The monthly service consists of duplicating the BBS program so that it can be used as a shield to prevent you from contracting the disease through the air, as well as duplicating one of your arms so that it can be used for treatment if you are already infected. 

How to use it for therapy can be seen at

Lifetime service is provided by copying the BBS program to all blood vessels in your body, enabling you to continue using it as long as your heart and the majority of your blood vessels are not fatally damaged.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of this service once for a period of 3 days.

The fee for this service for people who are residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Indochina is IDR 100,000 per person for monthly install or Rp. 2.888.000,- per person for lifetime install.

Irwan Effendi