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A Change in Character

Not everyone possesses the ideal personality, and it can be difficult to change one's personality in a conventional manner. You can enroll in a variety of personality programs for months, but you'll discover that just a select few have had any success in shaping the personalities of the numerous participants.

Why is it so challenging to alter character by self-training?

Character is not a skill that can be learned; rather, it is a Bioenergy program that controls reactions and actions.

Human character naturally only changes in response to really significant circumstances that have the potential to disrupt this current program and force them to develop a new program.

Birth, love, and death are three things that naturally alter humans.

"Change In Character" is a service that employs Bioenergy programming to directly alter a person's character.

This service has two types:

  • Character Imprint, or overwriting your original character to take on someone else's identity. In order for you and other people to not feel strange about your personality but can clearly see that there has been a change, your character will change by 30 to 50% in accordance with that person's character.
  • Character Tuning, is controlling the details of each of the aspects of your character that you wish to change. If the aspect that you change is quite a lot or is an aspect that is your unique characteristic (for example stubbornness is changed into easier to negotiate with), then you and the people that know you will feel alien towards your new personality and will need time to adjust.

Everyone is entitled to a FREE TRIAL of the Character Imprint service once for a period of 7 days.

A full-service Character Imprint will be permanent if the imprint is successful and maintained for 28 days. The fee is IDR 1,000,000

The Character Tuning service will be permanent if the modification is successful and maintained for 28 days. The cost is IDR 500,000 per aspect with a minimum calculation of 10 aspects (minimum IDR 5,000,000)

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