About Us


Is the energy that is used and/or produced by living organisms.
It is the fabric that forms the software side of organisms, including but not limited to thought, emotions, and consciousness.
The closest translation into traditional terms would be "Qi" (China) and "Prana" (India)

Many people mistakenly use the term Bioenergy for the energy they obtain by burning or consuming the remains of living organisms, but the correct term for that would be Biofuel. When you consume or burn anything to obtain energy, you are turning it into fuel.

The study of Bioenergy is studying how Bioenergy can influence the condition and function of living organism.

The Company

Bioenergy Solution Center (BioSCent) is a research company founded in January 2016, for the purpose of expanding the research in the field of Bioenergy and to directly offer the solutions discovered through the research efforts to the masses.

Since the founding, we have acquired over 2000 individual clients with over 95 percent of them returned to purchase a second or even third solution.

The reason that we have been able to keep a very high satisfaction rate is that we have stayed true to our principle of charging for results, not efforts.

For now, our core team has remain compact; however, in the near future, we plan to expand to allow for faster growth, especially in the current environment, where remote health care is needed more than ever.

Our vision: a universe where humans with maximized Bioenergy utilization roam the worlds discovering new and exciting things.
Our mission: to let the human race become aware that the primary focus of upgrades should be on ourselves, not on external tools.

Our Team

Irwan Effendi - Founder
Born in 1973 at Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. In his own words, he did not choose to be what he is today; the universe coerced him into it. Currently, as the main researcher, he also handles the formulation of solutions, creating training materials, and other things. His educational background in Engineering and his previous job as an Instructor as well as an Application programmer truly contributes a lot to the speed of progress in his work. That and the seemingly neverending coincidences that always seem to put him where he is needed the most.
Yun Yati - Finance
Spouse of the founder. As the one who provides the initial capital to start the company, she should be a co-founder by her own rights, and yet she refused to be. She assists with budgeting and other finance-related matter during weekends.
Esty Mulatsasi - Marketing
Started as a student who joined the Bioenergy-based Chiropractic / Orthopedic training session, she shows deep interest in Bioenergy, and based on her record of marketing many different types of products and services, she was recruited into the team. She works with 30 more students who help with marketing and sales as freelance agents.
I Putu Angga Ariesta - Content animator
Our latest team member, who has been our client since 2017, join us to help with content that will need animations for clarification.