We upgrade
the Future

We do research on Bioenergy, the fabric that forms the software side of all living beings. While others develop A.I. , we upgrade human programming.


What we do

Provide Bioenergy based solution for everyday's challenges in life

Treatment and Training

Age Reversal Therapy, Brain Enhancement, and Character Imprint are just a few of our solutions. We also offer training for those with deeper interest. These can be delivered face to face or remotely. In fact, to date, over 95 percent of solutions have been delivered remotely.


Not all solutions are in the form of direct action. Sometimes clients just need someone to point them in the correct direction. Sometimes they just could not figure out what is not working and need someone to help them look from a different perspective.

We are building partnership all over the globe

We value the opportunity to share our research with other institutions. After all, what good is success in any field, if you have no one to share it with?

We are currently in partnership with Sitoli BE - Ireland and Abd Adib - Malaysia. Perhaps you will be our next partner?

If you are into Bioenergy and you believe in science and logic, send us a message and we'll see how it go from there.


Trust the

In an era where so much information is being generated, distributed, modified, and circulated, it is often very difficult to tell between facts and fiction. One of the groups of people that you can still rely on to deliver hard checked facts to you, are researchers. Even the most heavily externally funded researchers rarely publish imaginary results, unlike some other sources that are accustomed to fabricate any information at will.

As an independent research company, you can be assured that we only have our clients (that's you) interest and our reputation at heart as our most valuable assets.

Irwan Effendi - Founder

"Research is discovering facts that no one else has uncovered"


Our three principles

A business is only as good as the principles that it applies. Here are ours:

We charge for results, not for efforts

Anything is possible; some things just take longer than others

Non-discrimination is the only justified way to feel about anything

Start solving your challenge with us ?

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Irwan Effendi (founder)
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